3D Printing your Assets

Here you'll find information regarding 3D printing and how we can provide it as a service for a multitude of applications. We can help you create or just print your models.
Here are some examples of our work:


3D Print your 2D NFTs

Bring your favorite NFT to the physical world with a Lithophane!

Sustainably 3D Printed

Cutting-edge green processes and materials to provide recyclable and compostable products.

Unique Asset

The result is a 3D printed grayscale image that reveals details when exposed to light.

Fast Turnover Rate

Expect your Lithophane to be shipped within 2 weeks of payment, no matter the size.

Wide Variety

Imagine having your own NFT nightlight? Now you don’t have to because there is a wide variety of designs available for these.

To learn more about Lithophanes simply contact us - we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.


Lithophane Price List

Our Offers and their starting prices.
Final price will vary depending on Lithophane style and size.


Chroma Sets: 1st Gen Owners

This offer is exclusive for Chroma Sets: 1st Gen NFT owners.


Collaborating NFT Communities

This offer is exclusive for NFT some communities that THC Group belongs to like:
Tooniverse Club
NFT Society Club


Standard Pricing

This is the base price for lithophanes from any and every other community that is not stated in other offers.
* If you’re interested in adding this service to your project, contact us in the form at the end of the page.


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