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BSW Metaverse Access Pass

Gain access to the BSW Nation Metaverse with this lifetime NFT Metaverse Access Pass. The BSW Nation Metaverse is a growing experience consisting on a variety of themed metaverses specific to each collection from Boycott Shitty Weed. This Metaverse Access Pass will offer owners unique opportunities and experiences to Boycott Shitty Weed in the metaverse while learning about cannabis and establishing meaningful connections with like-minded individuals.

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Metaverse Access Pass Benefits

Join the highest Metaverse Community

An NFT created to provide owners lifetime access to the BSW Nation ever growing Metaverse. The BSW Metaverse Access Pass will serve as the key to enter any BSW Metaverse we create over time and across platforms.

Join us as we:

  • Party in exclusive metaverse events

  • Highlight creators in the space

  • Network among collectors

  • Discover new NFT Projects to collaborate


Interested in collaborating?



Metaverses and Spatial.IO

What is Spatial.IO?

Spatial is a virtual event management platform that helps companies to organise virtual Non-fungible token (NFT) exhibitions, meetups, seminars and other live events as per need. The platform enables users to create their own space or gallery in the metaverse with just one click.

Is Spatial.IO free to use?

YES! You can access Spatial through any device using your browser or downloading their free app and setting up an account.

What features does Spatial.IO provide for creators?

  1. Create a public space to host NFT art exhibitions, meet ups, and live events.

  2. Upload your content in one click (images, videos, and 3D files)

  3. Host up to 50 people in a room

  4. Upload or buy a custom 3D environment

  5. MetaMask, Google, Apple, and Microsoft login

  6. Create a lifelike 3D avatar from a selfie 

  7. MetaMask/Google Drive/OneDrive file upload integration

  8. Share your screen into the space

  9. Create Sticky Notes to leave messages in your space

Can I upload custom environments to Spatial.IO?

YES! You can upload custom environments into Spatial.IO as long as the file has the .GLB extension and does not exceed 60mb.

Can I sell my merchandise products within Spatial.IO?

The short answer is “not quite”. Although Spatial.IO does not support a shop feature, yet, they’ve recently included a hyperlink feature to any asset uploaded to the platform enabling users to link images and objects to physical merchandise pieces in your website easily.

You can find more information about Spatial.IO and how to get started with it by clicking the next button.