The Highest Raccoon in the Metaverse

Coming to the Blockchain and the Metaverse to get high and have fun while adding value to creators and collectors.



Find out where you can chill and sesh with HIGHCOON.

Chroma Highcoon: 1st Gen

The Chroma Highcoon: 1st Gen is the first collaboration between Highcoon and Chroma Sets NFT where Highcoon took on the colors and vibe of the Chroma Sets: 1st Gen Collection to create 420 unique variations of itself. The purpose of this NFT is for owners of the Chroma Sets: 1st Gen NFT Collection to be able to identify themselves within the NFT Community with this unique PFP. This is also Highcoon’s Big Debut on the Blockchain, more is yet to come.


Highcoon goes to 3D

This project aims to bring Highcoon to the 3D world and the Metaverse in collaboration with Zekio


highcOOn Park




You Asked, We Answered

What is Highcoon?

Highcoon is a character that was born at the beginning of 4/2021 when Darkcupcake & The Highgineer found themselves drawing random stuff that came to mind when on a 420 high. In this case the inspiration was a High Raccoon that was too high its own understanding. Inspired by the same influence, Darkcupcake drew what would be the OG Highcoon.  After some months passed and the Metaverso Hackathon arrived, The Highgineer played with Highcoon until we got what you see here today.

How do I claim my Highcoon?

You can claim your own Highcoon by visiting the Chroma Perks Tab and pressing the button that says “Claim your Hughcoon”. From there you’ll provide us your wallet address through a form and we will transfer your Highcoon at no cost.

Is my Highcoon a 1/1 NFT?

Highcoon was created using a generative algorithm and over 35 traits that allowed for the creation of 420 unique 1/1 Highcoons that are representative of the Chroma Sets: 1st Gen colors and vibe.

Does Highcoon have any utilities?

At the moment the only utilities that Highcoon will provide is for users to use their own variation freely within the digital or physical world, as well as access to potential allowlists from other THC Group, Chroma Sets or Highcoon Collections.