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Check out our NFT Projects & Collaborations

From accessories to metaverses, we can build with you every step of the way and make your ideas come to life within the blockchain.

NFT Projects deployed by THC Group

Take a look at our currently deployed NFT projects that might serve as examples too the work we can do for you or your brand.


Chroma Sets: 1st Gen


Chroma Highcoon: 1st Gen

Chroma World Final.gif

Totally Hand-Crafted Metaverses

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SNEAKERFEST Puerto Rico Digital Collectibles

CaraB BlueP.gif

Cara B Blue Prints

Cara B es un ser creado con la piedra de la amabilidad encontrada en una excavation en 4718, desde ahi su conunidad a sido casi conparada a el numero de los humanos que quedan. Su propósito siempre a sido y sera mantenerse amable y humilde, como siempre a debido ser.

Looking to launch your own NFT?

Contact us to get an estimate to launch your NFT in the Ethereum or Polygon blockchain and claim full ownership of your project.

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