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High there it’s our bud Highcoon!

Step into my world, a unique fusion of interactive storytelling, gamified learning, and in-depth terpene education.

Join me, Highcoon, in exploring Stigma City's secrets through immersive experiences and engaging games. Here, every story twist teaches you about the wonders of terpenes, blending adventure with knowledge in a vibrant, interactive universe.

Keep up the high vibes as you embark on this exciting journey of discovery!


Take a trip through my life

Chapter 1: Highcoon Origins

Highcoon Chapter 1

In the serene Highlands, I, Highcoon, a bio-engineered raccoon with a unique affinity for terpenes, grew up nurtured by a loving family of bears. My exceptional talent with terpenes was recognized by the prestigious STIGMA Corporation, which offered me a dream opportunity to work with them. Leaving my bear family was tough, but I set off for Stigma City, eager to use my skills for greater good. There, I was welcomed by AMG-175, a friendly AI robot, and Jdazzler, a bear colleague, who helped me settle into this new, advanced world.

Chapter 2: Highcoon at stigma

Highcoon Chapter 2

At STIGMA, my days were filled with groundbreaking terpene research and experiments, garnering admiration from my peers. My relationship with AMG-175 deepened as we explored the effects of terpenes together, leading to the creation of the Trippy Terpene Trails – intricate digital mazes representing terpenes’ molecular structures. Mastering these trails led to my development of concentrated terpene extracts, marking a significant innovation in terpene science and setting the stage for future breakthroughs.

Chapter 3: nano bud terpnology

Highcoon Chapter 3

I introduced the Terp-Suit at STIGMA, a revolutionary hemp-based alloy suit designed to amplify human abilities using terpenes. However, Mr. Stigma’s request to develop the Terp-Gear, a technology to inhibit terpenes’ effects, presented an ethical dilemma. With AMG-175’s perspective on the potential benefits of even dangerous innovations, I cautiously proceeded with the Terp-Gear, while secretly working on the Full Spectrum Device, a testament to my belief in positive technological applications.

Chapter 4: high at stigma

Highcoon Chapter 4

A typical day at STIGMA took a dramatic turn when, after testing the Full Spectrum Device, I was exposed to a spectrum of terpenes, heightening my sensory connection with the plant. The explosion revealed a hidden laboratory, unmasking secretive experiments and STIGMA’s darker agenda. Realizing the gravity of my discovery, I, along with AMG-175, made a daring escape through STIGMA’s labyrinthine facilities, marking the beginning of my rebellion against STIGMA. The fight was just starting & emotions were rampant, who would help?

Chapter 5: dodge bad vibes

Highcoon Chapter 5

In STIGMA’s surveillance room, I met with Jdazzler, who agreed to help us escape after I shared my discoveries about STIGMA. As Jdazzler stayed back to delay the security system’s reactivation, I and AMG-175 fled in a STIGMA truck. After successfully hacking our way through the STIGMA Tunnels, Jdazzler was later captured by Mr. Stigma, and despite my desire to help, I had to continue my escape, understanding the need to expose STIGMA and save Jdazzler. In Mr. STIGMA’s office the Vibe Killers are revealed.

Chapter 6: vibe killers

Highcoon Chapter 6

In Mr. Stigma’s office, the Vibe Killers, agents equipped with modified versions of the Terp-Suit & Terp-Gear terpnology, making them capable of inhibiting others’ terpene-enhanced abilities, were unveiled, symbolizing STIGMA’s ambition for societal control. Meanwhile, I discovered an abandoned STIGMA training facility, which became my base for training and innovation, preparing to counter the Vibe Killers and disrupt STIGMA’s oppressive plans. It was here where I began to the Catch Good Vibes I needed to fight STIGMA.

Catch some good vibes

Highcoon & AMG Against STIGMA


High gears

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