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Learn about their power with amg-175

Terp-nology is a groundbreaking field of study and innovation that Highcoon pioneered. It combines advanced technology with the diverse and powerful properties of terpenes. This fusion leads to inventions like the Terp-Suit and Terp-Gear, which harness terpenes to enhance abilities or inhibit them. The essence of terp-nology lies in using nature’s gifts – terpenes – to create technologies that can significantly impact human experiences, both positively and for defense.


Good Vibes

Terpenes in my world have the power to enhance moods, cognitive abilities, and physical performance. They can induce states of relaxation, focus, alertness, and well-being, depending on their type.

Bad Vibes

Terpenes can also contribute to less desirable states if not used correctly or if one is overexposed to them. The key in my world is balancing these terpenes to maintain harmony and avoid negative effects.


One of my groundbreaking innovations, is a suit made from a unique hemp-based alloy. It’s designed to amplify abilities through harnessing the power of terpenes, integrating terpenes with wearable technology for individualized effects and abilities.

  • Functionality: The suit harnesses specific terpenes, each providing unique enhancements to the wearer’s physical and cognitive abilities. For example, incorporating Limonene could enhance alertness and reflexes, while Myrcene could be used for relaxation and stress relief.

  • Design: It has a sleek design with plates covering the limbs and torso, marked by a distinctive cannabis leaf symbol on the chest.

  • Terpene Integration: The suit can be infused with different terpenes for various effects, making it highly versatile and adaptable to different situations.

  • Impact: In my story, the Terp-Suit is a symbol of the positive potential of combining technology with the natural benefits of terpenes, showcasing how they can be used to enhance human experiences in significant ways.


The Terp-Gear is an array of specialized weapons designed to integrate terpene technology for tactical and defensive purposes. Each piece is uniquely crafted to neutralize the properties of terpenes in various scenarios.

  • Functionality: The gear uses terpenes to produce strategic effects on targets. It’s designed for both offensive and defensive operations, providing a wide range of tactical options, from incapacitation to mind alteration.

  • Design: The gear includes rifles, crossbows, shields, and swords, each featuring a sleek, high-tech design. It’s comprised of a modular design that allows the individual pieces to be manipulated and shaped into another gear, all connected to the Terp-Suit through cuffs.

  • Terpene Integration: Each gear can be infused with specific terpenes, tailoring its effects to the needs of the situation.

  • Impact: In my story, it symbolizes the potential misuse of scientific advancements and raises questions about the line between innovation for good and harmful manipulation.