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Terpeneer Interactive Learning Course

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High there it’s your bud Highcoon! Below is a detailed set of instructions and an overview for participants of the Highcoon Terpeneer Online Course. This will guide them through the process and set clear expectations for their aromatic adventure through the world of terpenes. Welcome to Highcoon’s Terpeneer Online Course! Congratulations on embarking on this fragrant journey through Highcoon’s Terpene Trails. This course is designed to provide you with a deep understanding of various terpenes, their uses, effects, and their significance in both nature and Highcoon’s adventures against STIGMA. Here’s what you need to know to navigate this course successfully: How to Complete the Course: (4.5 Contact Hours Approx.) 1. Explore Chapters: Each chapter of this course is dedicated to a specific terpene. You will start by reading about the terpene’s properties, its natural sources, and its uses both in everyday life and in Highcoon’s tactical gear. 2. Play the Game: Dive into the Trippy Terpene Trail associated with that chapter’s terpene. These interactive mazes are not only fun but also educational, designed to reinforce what you’ve learned in a dynamic, game-like environment. 3. Take the Terp-Test: At the end of each trail, you will take a Terp-Test to assess your understanding of the terpene. These tests are crucial for solidifying your knowledge and moving on to the next chapter in the course.

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