Chroma Sets NFT
By THC Group

The first ever 3D Generative Series from Puerto Rico composed by 6 accessories that exist in the digital and physical space thanks to 3d technologies.

Contract address:


Creating the Chroma Sets

Why we made them:

  • The Chroma Sets were created with the intention of establishing a network of individuals that are looking to create and add value to others by joining forces and collaborating to incite growth and new ideas. Our community will be slow in the making, but the purpose behind it will drive its progress, and this is to add value to those who purchase this NFT by providing limited access to our brand to take ideas and projects to the next level.

How we made them:

  • These 3D accessories were created using 3d technologies that allow to bring these to life as well as animate them within digital spaces. 

  • For the creation of the accessories we used Shapr3D a direct modeling parametric design software for IPad Pro.

  • Then each model was modeled on Blender to provide high quality texturized renders for the NFT.

  • After the individual variations of the accessories are exported from blender allowing cross platform integrations.

  • Finally, the exported files are used to 3D print accessories for NFT owners, as well as provide us functional Metaverse objects.


HODLer Benefits

  • 3D printed set and 3D digital objects.

  • Access to a community associated with cannabis, creation and technology.

  • Access to a network of cannabis professionals.

  • Authorization to sell items present in the NFT (manufactured by THC Group).

  • Exclusive giveaways for Holders.

  • Monthly art by Darkcupcake NFT.

  • B2B benefits:

    • 10-20% discount on creation services.

    • Social media marketing (Chroma Collabs).

    • Mention on the website (Chroma Listing).

    • 1 NFT and Product Consultation.

    • Drop calendar (Chroma Calendar).

  • Access to exclusive Chroma x THCG merchandise.

  • Access to Cannarooms

  • Access to a 3D Design and Printing Academy (2023).


Chroma Sets Roadmap

Here you’ll find the milestones we expect to reach in the next year with the Chroma Sets.
From 4/10/22 to 4/10/23.


  1. Announce Chroma Sets NFT Collection on all our social media. (Accomplished)

  2. Start Chroma Sets Media tour at events like Comic Con 2022 & Premios Florece, as well as private events, podcasts and YouTube channels. (Accomplished)

  3. Give away 21 Whitelist Spots. (Accomplished)


  1. Mint the first 42 3D Generative Chroma Sets and list them for sale at Opensea. (Accomplished)

  2. Send Whitelisted Chroma Sets to owners. (In Process)

  3. Begin sets 3d manufacturing for shipping. (Accomplished)

  4. Enable owners to download 3d assets of the accessories for use in digital space. (Accomplished)

  5. Enable owners to claim their Highcoon NFT. (Accomplished)

  6. Send 1st artdrop from Darkcupcake NFT. (Accomplished)

  7. Mint rest of 420 Chroma Sets (Accomplished) 

  8. Start shipping sets to owners. ​(Started)

  9. Launch drop dates calendar for Chroma partnering brands. (In Progress)

  10. Preview Chroma World Spatial Gallery (Accomplished)


  1. ​Launch our first Cannaroom VR experience for owners to let go of worry and have fun while in the safety of their own space in Spatial for our 710 Chroma VIrtual Sesh (July 10th)

  2. Enable Chroma Listing for partnering brands. (More Info Soon)

  3. Launch Web3 Website with integrations for NFT owners. (Still in development)


  1. Access to exclusive THC x Chroma Merch. (*Upon reaching 50 HODLers)

  2. Begin Holidazed Giveaways Exclusive for Hodlers. (1 gift per week for 2 lucky Hodlers that participate in our weekly giveaways from 10/23/22 to 1/10/2023)


  1. Begin filming short clips for the THC 3D Design and Manufacturing Online Academy.


  1. More to come!


Chroma Sets Properties

78 individual traits divided in between 7 categories allow us to create 420 unique sets composed of 6 phygital accessories and a their respective backgrounds.

We categorized the layers between:

  1. Background​​ (6 variations)

    1. Chamfered at 45 degrees​

    2. Chamfered at 90 degrees

    3. Inside the Honeycomb

    4. Happy and Droopy

    5. Happy and Trippy

    6. Too Trippy 4 You

  2. Stash (15 color variations)

    1. Stashbox 2.0​ 

  3. Station (6 color variations)

    1. Chamfer​

  4. Mini Station (6 color variations each)

    1. Cadior​

    2. Chamfer

  5. Sleeve (6 color variations each)

    1. Puerto Rico Sleeve​ (3 extra unique color schemes)

    2. Honeycomb Sleeve

    3. Wick-a-Clip

    4. Wick-a-Light

  6. Keychain (6 color variations)

    1. Guaya Keychain​

  7. Tray (6 color variations)

    1. Ultray​

The color scheme follows the Primary Colors red, blue and yellow, as well as White, Grey and Black, providing at least 6 color variations per accessory.


Danny “The Highgineer”

Mechanical Engineer, Project Manager, 3D Industrial Designer, 3D NFT Designer, Creative.
TW: @thehighgineer


Ricardo Hernandez

Mechanical Engineer, 3D Industrial Designer, 3D Manufacturer, 3D Animator.


Dark Cupcake

2D NFT Artist, Painter, Creative.
TW: Darkcupcake_nft



You Asked, We Answered

How do I mint a Chroma Sets: 1st Gen NFT?

You can mint a CS1G NFT through OpenSea where they are listed at .05 WETH.

Does this collection have an independent contract?

Yes! The contract address is: 

On what Blockchain was the Contract deployed?

The contract was deployed in the Polygon Blockchain to minimize gas fees.


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Mayaguez, Puerto Rico


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