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Chroma Sets NFT
By THC Group

Accessories can be so much more.
Gain access to THC Group’s Web 3.0 community and connect with creators while taking advantage of our resources and skillset to elevate your NFT Project or Brand.

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Creating the Chroma Sets

Why we made them:

  • The Chroma Sets were created with the intention of establishing a network of individuals that are looking to create and add value to others by joining forces and collaborating to incite growth and new ideas. Our community will be slow in the making, but the purpose behind it will drive its progress, and this is to add value to those who purchase this NFT by providing unlimited access to our brand to take ideas and projects to the next level.

How we made them:

  • These 3D accessories were created using 3d technologies that allow to bring these to life as well as animate them within digital spaces. 

  • For the creation of the accessories we used Shapr3D a direct modeling parametric design software for IPad Pro.

  • Then each model was modeled on Blender to provide high quality texturized renders for the NFT.

  • After the individual variations of the accessories are exported from blender allowing cross platform integrations.

  • Finally, the exported files are used to 3D print accessories for NFT owners, as well as provide us functional Metaverse objects.

HODLer Benefits

  • Access to buy 3D printed set and download 3D digital objects.

  • Chroma Highcoon Companion NFT to provide access to future Highcoon Projects.

  • Access to a community associated with cannabis, creation and technology.

  • Access to a network of creatives and professionals.

  • Authorization to sell items present in the NFT (manufactured by THC Group).

  • Monthly art by Darkcupcake NFT (12 drops)

  • B2B benefits:

    • Fixed discounted rate for creative services.

    • Social media marketing (Chroma Collabs).

    • Mention on the website for networking (Chroma Listing).

    • 1 NFT and Product Consultation.

  • Access to exclusive Chroma x THCG merchandise.

  • Access to THC Metaverses and BSW Nation.

  • Access to a 3D Design and Printing Academy.

  • Access to Chroma Quick Prints 3D Printing Repository

  • Assured Allowlist for future THC Group projects.


420 Possibilities

What to expect in your Chroma Set?


The perfect companion to take your goods on the go. From essentials to munchies, you can fit a variety of things in this 3D Stashbox.


Chamfer Station

The most versatile and portable dab station made to help you organize your sesh space anywhere you go.


Chamfer Mini Station

The miniature version of the Chamfer will help you organize a set of tools or accessories on the go with a compact design.

Chamfer Mini.gif

Cadior Mini Station

A very simple and efficient accessory that helps you organize and safeguard your carts and batteries in a sleek and compact way.


Guaya Keychain

The Guaya Keychain is a simple yet functional grinder to help you with yours goods in the sesh or on the go.

Guaya Keychain.gif


The Ultray is a tray created for the on-the-go person that needs a spot to prepare and organize their sesh without much hassle.


Puerto Rico Sleeve

The Puerto Rico Sleeve is inspired by the Puerto Rican heritage of the team using the flag as the key element in this designer sleeve.

Puerto Rico Sleeve.gif

Honeycomb Sleeve

The Honeycomb Sleeve is covered by a hexagonal pattern that gives the illusion of a honeycomb structure to provide a clean aesthetic.



The Wick-a-Light Sleeve is a highly functional accessory that allows you to add a Hempwick dispensing functionality to your BIC lighter.



The Wick-a-Clip Sleeve is a highly functional accessory that allows you to add a Hempwick dispensing functionality to your Clipper lighter.



Find out where you can chill and sesh with HIGHCOON.

Chroma Highcoon: 1st Gen

The Chroma Highcoon: 1st Gen is the first collaboration between Highcoon and Chroma Sets NFT where Highcoon took on the colors and vibe of the Chroma Sets: 1st Gen Collection to create 420 unique variations of itself. The purpose of this NFT is for owners of the Chroma Sets: 1st Gen NFT Collection to be able to identify themselves within the NFT Community with this unique PFP. This is also Highcoon’s Big Debut on the Blockchain, more is yet to come.


Highcoon OG

This project aims to bring Highcoon to the 3D world and the Metaverse in collaboration with Zekio