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Chroma Sets NFT
By THC Group

Chroma Sets NFT is a unique collection of digital accessories designed by The High Creators Group, also known as THC Group. These NFTs serve as a symbol of the beginnings of THC Group and mark their growth in real time, providing holders a piece of history and a glimpse of what was and what can be done with time and effort.

So what sets Chroma Sets NFTs apart? Not only do they serve as a valuable piece of THC Group’s history and a collectible that can be used within the digital and physical world, but they also give you access to a thriving community of creatives and innovators who are working together to bring their ideas to life. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting out, chroma sets NFTs offer you a unique opportunity to be a part of this exciting movement.

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Chroma Community

Chroma Sets is committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive community that is driven by the shared goal of creating, innovating, and adding value to each other. The community is a space where individuals can come together to share their unique perspectives and ideas, and collaborate to bring them to life. Whether you are an artist, designer, collector, or simply someone with a passion for creativity and innovation, you are welcome in this community.

At the core of Chroma Sets philosophy is the belief that creativity and innovation are key drivers of progress and growth. By providing a platform for creative individuals to come together and collaborate, Chroma Sets aims to ignite new ideas and inspire groundbreaking projects. The brand is dedicated to helping members of the community realize their visions and bring their ideas to life through the use of cutting-edge technology and the power of collaboration.

In addition to fostering creativity and innovation, Chroma Sets is committed to adding value to its NFT holders through a range of unique utilities and perks. From access to cutting-edge design tools and software, to opportunities to collaborate with like-minded individuals and brands, Chroma Sets is dedicated to providing its community members with the resources they need to bring their ideas to life. Whether you are a seasoned artist or just starting out, the Chroma Sets community is a supportive and inclusive space where you can grow and thrive.


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About the Sets

The primary colors used in Chroma Sets NFT are yellow, blue, and red, along with monochromatic tones such as silver, white, and black. These colors mark the beginning of the journey and the endless gamma of colors to be discovered as we go through it. Each NFT features 6 accessories and backgrounds randomized to create a unique variant, giving you a one-of-a-kind digital collectible that showcases your personal style and creativity.


The 3D accessories being offered as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a result of integrated cutting-edge 3D technologies. These technologies allow for the creation of incredibly lifelike and animated accessories within digital spaces. The design process involved the use of Shapr3D, a direct modeling parametric design software specifically designed for the iPad Pro. The models were then further refined and texturized using Blender, a widely recognized and respected 3D design software, to produce high-quality renders for the NFTs. Once the individual variations of the accessories were finalized, they were exported from Blender, allowing for cross-platform integrations. The exported files are then used to 3D print the accessories for NFT owners, as well as providing functional Metaverse objects.


420 Possibilities


Our Commitment

Given The High Creators Group is committed to helping holders bring their visions to life, they will create a 3D development academy where best practices and techniques for 3d will be shared exclusively to holders. Holders will also have limited access to the Chroma Labs Incubator Program, upon completing some 3d development academy requirements, where you can pitch your ideas and receive help developing an MVP for your project. Selections for the incubator program will be limited, so this is a unique opportunity for Chroma Sets holders to bring their ideas to life, for free.


Finally, holders will have access to a drive folder with STL 3D printing files of everyday things that they can print themselves freely or print with The High Creators Group for fixed fees. These are some of the many ways we aim to add value to all of those that believe in what THC Group is building and are looking to grow in collaboration with other creatives.


What to expect in your Chroma Set?


The perfect companion to take your goods on the go. From essentials to munchies, you can fit a variety of things in this 3D Stashbox.


Chamfer Station

The most versatile and portable dab station made to help you organize your sesh space anywhere you go.


Chamfer Mini Station

The miniature version of the Chamfer will help you organize a set of tools or accessories on the go with a compact design.

Chamfer Mini.gif

Cadior Mini Station

A very simple and efficient accessory that helps you organize and safeguard your carts and batteries in a sleek and compact way.


Guaya Keychain

The Guaya Keychain is a simple yet functional grinder to help you with yours goods in the sesh or on the go.

Guaya Keychain.gif


The Ultray is a tray created for the on-the-go person that needs a spot to prepare and organize their sesh without much hassle.


Puerto Rico Sleeve

The Puerto Rico Sleeve is inspired by the Puerto Rican heritage of the team using the flag as the key element in this designer sleeve.

Puerto Rico Sleeve.gif

Honeycomb Sleeve

The Honeycomb Sleeve is covered by a hexagonal pattern that gives the illusion of a honeycomb structure to provide a clean aesthetic.



The Wick-a-Light Sleeve is a highly functional accessory that allows you to add a Hempwick dispensing functionality to your BIC lighter.



The Wick-a-Clip Sleeve is a highly functional accessory that allows you to add a Hempwick dispensing functionality to your Clipper lighter.



Find out where you can chill and sesh with HIGHCOON.

Chroma Highcoon: 1st Gen

The Chroma Highcoon: 1st Gen is the first collaboration between Highcoon and Chroma Sets NFT where Highcoon took on the colors and vibe of the Chroma Sets: 1st Gen Collection to create 420 unique variations of itself. The purpose of this NFT is for owners of the Chroma Sets: 1st Gen NFT Collection to be able to identify themselves within the NFT Community with this unique PFP. This is also Highcoon’s Big Debut on the Blockchain, more is yet to come.


Highcoon OG

This project aims to bring Highcoon to the 3D world and the Metaverse in collaboration with Zekio