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High there...

My name is Highcoon, the creator of Nano-Bud 3D Terp-nology.

Although it was meant to harness the power of terpenes for good, little did everyone know that STIGMA had other plans in motion.

This is the story of terpenes & how someone harnessed their power to fight & inspire change around the world.

Read more & learn why STIGMA shouldn’t be trusted.


The story begins with Highcoon, a bio-engineered Raccoon that grew up in a family of humble bears.

Highcoon lived in a world where the plant is open to all but not accessible to many.Here, Stigma, a world renowned biotechnology corporation, helps everyday people that don’t have the resources to afford their own plants.

By creating a worldwide healthcare initiative, they allowed families like Highcoon’s to experience all the benefits provided by the plant. This alone gave Highcoon enough reason and motive to pursue a job within Stigma. Given his innate talent to understand the plant, he was able to develop technology that captured Mr. Stigma’s eyes. His greatest innovation: Nano Bud 3D Terp-nology which integrated terpenes with technology at a Nano scale.


At this point, Stigma hires Highcoon and he accomplishes his goal of working for the people that helped him so much. As he begins to work in Stigma he meets AMG-175, a quirky robot that worked as Mr. Stigma’s personal assistant and was beloved by everyone in the office.
Highcoons first order of business was to further examine and explore the terpenes capabilities by extracting their concentrated essences to understand how far he could take his terp-nology.

By using a multitude of cutting-edge technology provided by Mr. Stigma, from 3d printers to state of the art lab equipment Highcoon felt like he was on the verge of success. He knew that the possibilities for creating were endless and as such he began creating something that would change the everything forever.
And so began Highcoon’s journey to understand how terpenes could be used to further enhance everyone’s life, in the Trippy Terpene Trails.


After working for a year, he developed the first innovative integrations of the Terp-nology, the Terp-Vial & the Terp-Suit. The Terp-Vials were a way for people to store terpenes in pure essence to power the Terp-Suit, which allowed users to extract and amplify their properties.
This was Highcoons answer to people needing  better experience with specific terpenes in their day to day. He felt happy and accomplished as for the first time in his life, he felt he was doing something that would impact the world.

During this year, he became good friends with AMG-175 as he also worked late hours tending to Mr. Stigma’s needs which made it so AMG was always around in the office for a quick sesh. What made a sesh with AMG so much fun for Highcoon, was that due to the fact that AMG couldn’t feel the effects of the terpenes, so he always asked Highcoon to describe the effects making conversations go from technical to philosophical to out of this world and then back.


Soon after developing the Terp-Suit, Mr Stigma sent word through AMG that Highcoon needed to develop a way to inhibit terpenes in the attempts of creating new ways to help people stop suffering from the bad effects of a terpene.
As Highcoon received these news, he became wary as to why Mr Stigma would want this to be developed given it could potentially be used to oppress people by stripping off their ability to feel the terpenes effects.

Although he had his reservations, after a sesh with AMG and exchanging some deep and logical thoughts, he understood that dangerous things weren’t always exploited in the worst ways and that Stigma cared for everyone’s well being.
Having moved past his troubles with this task, but not completely okay about it, he then developed the first iterations of the Terp-Gear, while secretly working on a new energy source to help power the world using terpenes as the energy source.


4 months passed and he managed to perfect the Terp-Gear, which was celebrated by Stigma as it was accomplished in record time.
As Stigma wanted to make the Terp-Gear accomplishment well known all over the world, they began their marketing campaign to showcase the tech and its capabilities.
What they’re weren’t aware was that it took him that long because he was working on the terpene energy source that was not working as intended.

In the press conference, Mr. Stigma gave a short remark as to how there are good vibes and bad vibes, and we needed safe ways to stop the undesired effects of terpenes given different situations to avoid bad vibes. At that point, the crowd cheered spreading high vibes.
That night Highcoon went out with the team to celebrate the accomplishments, without knowing that the next day, everything would change.

It was 4/20, and Highcoon was High at Stigma…


On 4/20 Highcoon discovered the truth behind Stigma, a Truth he wasn’t ready for. Behind the walls of his own lab, within STIGMA HQ, underneath his nose, it was always there.
After that day, HIGH AT STIGMA, Highcoon learned that Mr. STIGMA had been secretly using the research gathered for the Terp-nology, to create ways to inhibit others from feeling their effects and eradicating terpenes throughout the world in a single swoop.
And so began Highcoons escape from STIGMA.

After the explosion of the Full Spectrum Device, a surge of energy shook the building and activated its defenses. As he made his way out of STIGMA HQ, he found AMG-175 in the office, where he told him the truth. Together they made their way out of the building, but the escape was not over.
They now had to escape the STIGMA Tunnels!

Luckily they found a friend in the surveillance room that was willing to help them hack the system to escape STIGMA and Dodge Bad Vibes.


As they found the Bear in the surveillance room, Highcoon and AMG enlisted their help to hack the door that had recently been upgraded by Highcoon & the Bear. The new system made it very difficult for them to escape since it used a variety of randomly generated questions to fool hackers, but it was nothing that Highcoon, AMG and the Bear couldn’t figure out by themselves.
But after success fully escaping, there was now a new problem, who would help the Bear?

All by himself, the Bear starts running just as the systems are shutting down, knowing he would have to be on high alert to make it out. The race against time began, and knowing he had to ignore the arrow directions that resulted from the hack, he was on his way to the end.
But no one knew what was waiting for him!
Would he be fast enough to Dodge Bad Vibes like Highcoon, or would he face an evil no one had seen before and lose all hope escape?


Faced by Mr. STIGMA himself at the end of the tunnels, the Bear never stood a chance. It was the end of the road for him and the fate of terpenes now rested solely of Highcoon and AMG.
Was the Bear going to make it? Would Mr. STIGMA be so evil and use the Bear to push Highcoon to act emotionally? Was this the beginning of the end for terpenes in the world?

No one was ready for the events about to transpire in Highcoons world.

The time will come for Highcoon to Catch Good Vibes, stay tuned…

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